Summer Headstones

Summer Headstones is an ongoing film/photographic project which explores the urban decay of municipal swimming pools in the Southern United States, due to their closure and abandonment by white officials after desegregation was instituted in America.

Forced into allowing African American families into these public pools, officials chose instead to not allow anyone to swim in the hot summer months. Seeing no other alternative, they simply closed the doors and drained the water.

These pools were then either paved over, buried and forgotten or they were left to rot in the southern sun, the vegetation taking over and serving as stark reminders of the race relations in the Southern United States.

My hope through this project is that by showcasing these lost monuments to racism, through film, that real conversations about race relations can be had.

The frightening thing is that while these pools were closed near desegregation, this issue is still relevant today, with private pools closing down instead of opening the doors to lower income families.